Top 6 Benefits of Working at a Shared Office Space

June 2018

What does a burgeoning business, a small startup, and a well-established, expanding corporation all have in common? They can all benefit from sharing an office space with one another or with other like businesses. We'll discuss the top 6 reasons why each of these different establishments can benefit from a shared office space.

  1. Opportunities to Network
Integrating your place of business with a corporate neighbor opens the door to a shared experience that fosters innovation, cooperation, and prosperity. For instance, if both companies have your hand in separate stages of the real-estate industry, you can derive expertise and resources from one another in a trusted, high-communication environment.  Alternatively, if your shared office partner operates an IT firm, you can employ their services when needed rather than hiring a full-time IT manager.
  1. Low Overhead
Whether you're signing a long-term lease or establishing a new building, costs can be overwhelming--especially for a small startup or an established company branching into a new industry. You can avoid much of that by moving into an existing office. You can worry about building your brand instead of building a new reception desk, and you won't have to spend money on expenses like new furniture.
  1. A Short Term Lease
A short-term or flexible lease is a cost-saving option with a shared space. Instead of signing on to a long-term agreement when you're taking a chance with a startup, you can set your sights high and not worry about how you're going to cover your lease if things don't go your way or you need to change locations.
  1. IT Support
If you need to pay for on-site IT support for an office of 3 or 4 employees, you're going to be hemorrhaging money. Your office partner may already have IT on-site or have an established relationship with a 3rd party service.
  1. Established Infrastructure
Every modern business needs to have a solid IT infrastructure in place to survive, and setting it up never comes with a small price tag.  You can avoid this expense as most shared offices come equipped with phone and secure /monitored internet services.
  1. Security
Security may be an afterthought at an expanding office, but any theft or data breach can affect the overall brand name even at a separate facility. Thankfully, most shared offices have a form of keycard-entry access, 24/7 security, a secure IT firewall, as well as information security services like paper-shredding.


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