Small Office Space Available for Lease in South Charlotte

October 2018

South Charlotte is a huge commercial hub in North Carolina, and as 2018 comes to a close, business is booming. Now is the time to launch a small business, expand a current business to a new office, or invest in a temporary space for a project. However, it can be daunting to sign a long-term lease at an office park, buy a building, or make a move when you consider the financial constraints that will shackle your business. Thankfully, Ballantyne Business Center, located conveniently in the Hixon Building of Ballantyne Corporate Park, can help you mitigate risks, ease your worry, and reduce costs associated with a move.

Why Our Small Offices Are Right for You
What are your biggest concerns about starting a small business or signing an office lease? Everyone I've spoken with doesn't want to be tied into a long-term deal when they aren't sure about the long-term needs of their company. You may begin your corporate journey as a small start-up and blossom rapidly, barely able to keep up with service requests or orders. Alternatively, you may finish a large project and realize that it's time to down-size. With our services, you have that flexibility.

Ballantyne Business Center offers certainty and flexibility when everything else in the business world can be unpredictable. We provide shared and temporary office options, furnished team centers, furnished private offices, an on-site management team, and over 10,000 square feet of furnished common areas--not to mention upscale conference and kitchen spaces for meeting clients.

All of these services are offered at competitive rates, allowing you the flexibility to invest in other aspects of your business as opposed to breaking the bank on the overhead of a commercial space.

Great Offices at an Affordable Price
We offer 64 different office spaces, many of which are available now and are highly customized to fit your individual needs. By choosing one of our offices, you afford your company not only flexibility and financial maneuverability with short-term leases, but you'll also save 60-70% off the costs of staffing and equipping your office. With Ballantyne, you can invest those savings back into your business to fast-track your growth, risk-free.


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Suite 500 · Charlotte, NC 28277

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