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November 2018

Successful businesses are not built on one individual alone. Successful businesses require creating a community with a strong network to help the business owner find success. With a location at Ballantyne Business Center, your business is instantly immersed in a business community where each works together for mutual success. Here is a closer look at our professional community, and how it can help your business find success.

A Network of Businesses all in One Place
Ballantyne Business Center currently hosts over 64 offices on the floor, as well as around 100 virtual offices, from our prime location in the prestigious Hixon Building of Ballantyne Corporate Park. These businesses are in numerous industries, but all share a mutual goal of growing and providing clients with a professional experience. By utilizing the shared space of the Ballantyne Business Center, and the community we have created, our business clients are able to realize their dreams.

Use Our Community to Build Your Network
By becoming part of the Ballantyne Business Center community, you will be connected with other like-minded business owners from the first day you set up your office. This, in turn, can help you grow your business. Not only can the business owners and employees you meet become potential clients or customers, but they often offer services that your business needs as it continues to grow and expand.

By bumping shoulders every time, you come into the office, you can build your professional network naturally, and know exactly who to turn to when you need services. Likewise, you will have the contacts and relationships in place that will cause your new network to turn to you when they need what you have to offer.

In addition, our facility is often used by small business owners to conduct larger meetings. This means that their customers, clients and associates will be on-site for those meetings. When your business is present at the Ballantyne Business Center, this provides yet another opportunity for building your network.

By being around like-minded business owners in a professional, desirable setting, you can see your business take off and grow. If you have been looking for a commercial space, consider the Ballantyne Business Center. Join our community, and start building a professional network today.


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