5 Tips for Networking in a Shared Office Space December 2018

One of the benefits of sharing a working space with other professionals is the opportunity it provides for networking. However, if you go into every conversation with networking as your clear goal, you may come across as annoying to those you interact with. Here are some tips that will help you network effectively, while maintaining and building solid relationships.

1. Be Authentic
People can smell a salesperson a mile away. In all your interactions with your co-office mates, be authentic. Be who you are, rather than trying to be someone who can sell them something.

2. Strike up Conversations... [..] read more

Learn More About Our Business Community November 2018

Successful businesses are not built on one individual alone. Successful businesses require creating a community with a strong network to help the business owner find success. With a location at Ballantyne Business Center, your business is instantly immersed in a business community where each works together for mutual success. Here is a closer look at our professional community, and how it can help your business find success.

A Network of Businesses all in One Place
Ballantyne Business Center currently hosts over 64 offices on the floor, as well as around 100 virtual offices, from our prime location in the prestigious ... [..] read more

Small Office Space Available for Lease in South Charlotte October 2018

South Charlotte is a huge commercial hub in North Carolina, and as 2018 comes to a close, business is booming. Now is the time to launch a small business, expand a current business to a new office, or invest in a temporary space for a project. However, it can be daunting to sign a long-term lease at an office park, buy a building, or make a move when you consider the financial constraints that will shackle your business. Thankfully, Ballantyne Business Center, located conveniently in the Hixon Building of Ballantyne Corporate Park, can help you mitigate risks, ease your ... [..] read more

Charlotte Office Space That Will Elevate Your Business September 2018

For many entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, one hindrance to success is a lack of dedicated office space. Not having your own office space creates a less professional appearance to target clients, and it also limits your ability to schedule meetings, work with employees and connect with the local community. Yet renting a dedicated office space is often out of budget. The Ballantyne Business Center has a solution, with affordable office and meeting spaces you can rent as needed. Whether just for a client meeting or for regular business work, you will find our meeting facilities and office space are ... [..] read more

Turnkey Office Space Available Now August 2018

At Ballantyne Business Center, we fully understand that a traditional office space is not for everyone. Now that technology has enabled plenty of work to be completed remotely and companies are looking for ways to keep overhead costs low, flexible meeting and office space is a viable solution for many organizations today. Essentially, we make it possible for you to rent a turnkey office space only when you truly need it.

When it comes to office space, there is no one size fits all. Why should you be forced to spend an exorbitant amount of money on equipment, office space, and staffing? Ballantyne Business Center allows you to fully customize your experience, so you can pay for exactly what you need, cutting expenses by approximately 60-70%. We have 64 different office spaces with many available immediately to fill your needs, large or small.

... [..] read more

Conference Center Space Available in Charlotte, NC July 2018

The expenses that come from owning and operating a business can, at times, be overwhelming. Employee salaries. Business insurance. IT maintenance. Websites. Marketing costs. The list goes on. But when it comes to paying for office space, you now have flexible options that work for you and your budget. We know office space can consume a large portion of any budget. So why pay for a space with additional meeting rooms that you may only need a few times a year?   At Ballantyne Business Center, we understand the importance of offering flexible and budget-friendly space for meetings and ... [..] read more

Top 6 Benefits of Working at a Shared Office Space June 2018

What does a burgeoning business, a small startup, and a well-established, expanding corporation all have in common? They can all benefit from sharing an office space with one another or with other like businesses. We'll discuss the top 6 reasons why each of these different establishments can benefit from a shared office space.

  1. Opportunities to Network
Integrating your place of business with a corporate neighbor opens the door to a shared experience that fosters innovation, cooperation, and prosperity. For instance, if both companies have your hand in separate stages of the real-estate industry, you can derive expertise ... [..] read more

New Spacious Office Space Available May 2018

If you are looking for office space to rent in Charlotte, you will soon have a new option! Ballantyne Business Center will have a 1,400 square foot office space available for lease with ample room for your business. Enjoy a premier location in the popular Ballantyne Corporate Park when you rent space in our facility.

As with all of the office space leased by Ballantyne Business Center, the new office space will have upgraded features and amenities to give your business the professional look and feel it deserves.
A Prestigious Address for Your Business Needs
Location is important ... [..] read more

Furnished Office Space for Rent in Charlotte, NC April 2018

There are many advantages to being an entrepreneur or small business owner. You have the ability to create your own schedule, pursue business ventures that you are truly passionate about, and take your work with you wherever you go. Another perk of this type of situation is that you can typically get away with handling everything from your home office or a local coffee shop. However, with any type of business that is flexible or just starting out, you may not have a professional place at your disposal to meet with clients or business partners.
Are you looking for a business space that you can use when you need it? Have you been searching for a cost-effective option for your office needs? This is exactly where Ballantyne Business Center comes into play.... [..] read more

From an Hour to a Day, Easily Reserve Office Space in Charlotte, NC March 2018

For many businesses, having a full-time office is not a necessity most of the year. Entrepreneurs and small business owners often do not have the budget for a large office space. Yet when a critical client meeting opportunity presents itself, having a professional, dedicated office space allows the business to present a much more professional appearance versus a meeting at a local coffee shop. This is where Ballantyne Business Center can help.

Located in the heart of Ballantyne, Ballantyne Business Center allows business owners to obtain office space by the hour or day, with all the services and facilities ... [..] read more

Professional Office Space for Rent in Ballantyne February 2018

Ballantyne is one of the premier neighborhoods in Charlotte, and Ballantyne Business Center is at the heart of it all. With fully furnished office spaces and a comprehensive list of office services, Ballantyne Business Center offers Charlotte area businesses the chance to set up a location in this desirable community, with significant savings.

Fully Equipped Offices for Lease in Charlotte
Our services start with our Class A office spaces. We offer a wide range of floor plans designed for businesses of all sizes. From impressive corner offices to smaller offices on the interior of the building, we have something that ... [..] read more

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