Most Desired Amenities in Shared Office Space

March 2019

In 2019, more and more companies are turning to shared office space as a strategic way to expand operations, test new markets, save money, take advantage of technological and administrative support, and work more efficiently. If you're not using shared office space, you're not maximizing your company's profitability and potential. So what should you look for in your next shared office space? Let's explore the amenities that will best benefit your business.

  1. An Ideal Location
Location is everything, whether you're looking to be closer to your clients or the community that you serve, or you're looking to upgrade to a popular area of town. Ballantyne Business Center is located in South Charlotte in the Hixon Building of Charlotte's Ballantyne Corporate Park. This central area is professional, convenient, and close to everything your business needs.
  1. Reliable, Speedy Wi-Fi
Time is money, and when it comes to your internet connection, nothing can halt negotiations, productivity, or business relationships like untimely service or delays. Fast internet is a necessity in today's market, and you should settle for nothing less.
  1. Meeting Rooms
Meeting rooms are critical for hashing out deals, hosting events, making presentations, interviewing, and brainstorming. No one wants to be cramped in a small office trying to think of innovative new products or ideas, and your environment plays a critical role in both your thought process and your motivation. Plus, if you want to show current and potential clients that you're successful and that you can bring something to the table, you'll want to host them in a spacious, comfortable room.
  1. On-Site Management, Administrative, and IT Support
Hiring full-time administrative and technical support can put a huge dent in your company's budget. A shared office space with an engaged, reliable staff will pay dividends immediately. Put your saved resources toward customer support, market research, and product innovations to help your company thrive. 
  1. Reliable, Up-To-Date Equipment
A high-quality shared office space like Ballantyne Business Center will provide efficient color copiers and scanners, high-speed printers, LCD projectors, and more. Buying this kind of equipment out of pocket can put a small business in the red for the foreseeable future, so make the smart move and invest in a shared office space. 
  1. A Kitchen and Catering Arrangements
Whether you're entertaining clients or providing lunch to your employees at the end of a successful product launch, stress-free catering arrangements can make all the difference. A spacious kitchen is also a must for day-to-day operations.


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