When is the Right Time to Move from Home Office to Shared Office Space?

May 2019

If you've worked from remotely for any period, you've probably tried several different locations. Maybe the locations have changed from your couch to the kitchen to an office. Or possibly changed from your home to a Starbucks to other cafes. The one thing all remote workers are looking for is simple; find a place to work where convenience can perfectly blend with productivity.

When you're on the couch, the TV becomes a little too easily accessible. Even if you're watching things that don't take much attention away like reruns of SportsCenter or re-watching Ellen episodes you've seen hundreds of times, working from the couch is often too casual, even for remote work.

And once you eventually try working from Starbucks or other cafes, you check your bank account and notice you're spending way too much money on coffee every day.

So, there must be a middle ground, right?

As more and more corporations allow for remote work, co-working spaces have become ever increasingly popular. Some spaces have giant tables with a lot of power sources and that is their co-working space. Others have amenities like soft drinks, beer taps, free coffee, and free printers (and fax machines, but who uses those these days??).

When it comes to finding a place with flexible floor plans, convenience, and a place that attracts production, a shared office space may be the right choice. But when considering a shared office space, what factors are important to consider weighing the options to decide if it's right for you?

Some of these factors can include things such as inspiration and social life, but most people like you have two big questions when considering shared office space--how much does it cost, and will I be more productive?

How much does it cost?
It depends is an awful answer...but it depends! It all depends on the location itself. Are you wanting a fully furnished office, or an open space? Do you want a space that is focused on social life and beer taps, or would you rather have your own space and free coffee?

When it comes to those factors, the cost can change rather drastically.

When it comes to cost, also consider some of the amenities that come along with shared office space.

You have a guaranteed parking spot without paying for expensive parking garages.

No more hoping to get to the coffee shop early enough to find a spot next to an outlet for your laptop and phone charger.

Remember when we mentioned the cost of daily coffee adding up? Well, coffee, tea, and snacks are often included with co-working spaces.

Printing shops like FedEx Kinkos and UPS Stores are often convenient, but if you're printing often, those costs can add up as well. With a shared office space, you don't have to have those costs add up anymore.

In addition to those perks, one of the most important is the actual space you get. The cleanliness and consistent Wi-Fi is often enough to spark enough creativity to get productive.

Which takes us to our second big question...

Will I be more productive?
Short answer, yes!

When working from home, even the most focused person can find a reason to procrastinate and waste time. When you need a break, the refrigerator is a few feet away, then the couch, or bed is a few more feet away. Minutes turn into hours. And those hours, although watching fail videos online is funny, are not productive.

The coziness of a house is what turns a house into a home. But that same coziness is conducive to laziness.

While coffee shops may contain conversations that are all over the place, loud noises, and constant distractions, being in a shared office space, you're surrounded by people who want to get work done! That breeds productivity for yourself as well.

If you're a remote worker and are looking for more production while being efficient with cost, give a shared office space a shot! Contact us today to talk about the best options for you.


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