5 Benefits of Shared Office Space In Charlotte

July 2019

Having an office is an important part of running any business. A dedicated office space can help increase productivity and minimize distractions, so you are working your best. If you don't have an office at home and you don't work for a company offering office space, utilizing a shared office space can be beneficial for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 


Renting a shared office space offers flexibility you may not receive elsewhere. Our shared office spaces offer a short-term, 3 month lease, so you're not stuck in a year-long contract you may not want to finish out. Additionally, you don't have to pay the entire amount upfront. By paying just a 1 month security deposit, you can save money to invest elsewhere. A shared office space also provides flexibility should you acquire new team members who will work with you as we offer office spaces to fit your growing needs.


A shared office space usually has plenty of office equipment readily available for those renting a space to use. This eliminates the overhead cost of printers, copiers, fax machines and so on since they are already in place. The overall cost to rent a shared office space is also cheaper than renting a private office elsewhere or even working from an office at home. 


If you were to lease a private office, you would usually have to provide office equipment, furniture, and even get the utilities turned on or hooked up. Top shared spaces will provide many amenities, eliminating those costs from your office budget. In most shared office spaces, you can expect high speed internet, access to printers and scanners, meeting rooms and more. You may even find a space that offers a full kitchenette and complimentary beverages. You will also have access to meeting rooms on site should you ever require them. 

Maintaining all these things on your own can be costly and take up valuable time. Most, if not all tasks surrounding troubleshooting and maintenance are taken care of by the company renting out the shared office space. This leaves you more time to focus on your business without worrying about extra costs. 


Since most of the people who rent a shared office space are small business owners and entrepreneurs, you can surround yourself with like minded individuals. This can lead to obtaining valuable relationships and information to better your business. You may also even build a partnership with key individuals that want to help you succeed. Working alongside people with similar goals can help your business grow exponentially. 

Educational Opportunities

Shared office spaces may even offer educational workshops and lessons to help better your business. This can also include panel discussions where entrepreneurs can learn how to tackle common obstacles or learn how to obtain funding. Entrepreneurs can also learn how to create good content, emails and more, all for the benefit of their startup. 

Shared office spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to their low cost. Instead of paying for individual amenities and office equipment, it's all provided for you. A shared office space can also lead you to develop powerful relationships with like minded individuals who will help your business grow. The learning opportunities a shared office space provides are also beneficial, as you can learn how to tackle common issues and how to craft a well thought out press release. Save money and build relationships with a shared office space and watch your business grow. 

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