Top 5 Reasons to Use a Virtual Business Address

August 2019

There are quite a few options available for setting up a virtual business address, where you can receive mail and packages on your business behalf. Here at Ballantyne Business Center, we've outlined some of the benefits of using a virtual business address.

Privacy of a Virtual Business Address
Privacy is at the top of the list of reasons to use a virtual business address. If you're operating from your home and you send and receive mail from customers, privacy may be a concern. By using a virtual business address, you can keep your home address private while still interacting with customers and other business-related people and companies by mail. If your business is registered, your home address will likely be available online and maybe even on your website. Using a virtual business address keeps your home address private and not all over the web.

Professional Appearance of a Virtual Business Address
If a potential customer looked up the address you had listed and it came up as a residential area, they may not be as interested in the services or products you provide. By having an address that appears to be a professional business address, you may be able to draw in more customers since it gives your business a professional appearance. A virtual business address can also give a local presence, even though you may not do business from the exact city or state as the listed address.

Meeting with customers at your home or apartment may not be ideal since they don't know who they are meeting. By having a business address, it can add to the trust a potential customer has, since they won't be meeting you at a home location.

If you use a home-based address for your business and you move, your business address won't be the same. You would have the task of notifying customers, vendors, and others of the change. With a virtual business address, your business address stays the same no matter how many times you decide to move.

Save Money
By having a virtual business address, you also have somewhere you can meet customers, vendors, and other business minded individuals. If you don't need a complete office space and just need an address, this is beneficial as it is cheaper to use a virtual business address than it is to rent an office space for meeting clients and customers. Home based businesses are becoming increasingly popular. Since some business may require correspondence by mail or customers coming to the location, a virtual business address may be ideal. Not only does it protect the privacy of your home address, but it can help give customers a sense of trust and security by having a professional appearance, instead of going to a stranger's home. A virtual business address should be at the top of the list for anyone who works from home.

If you resonate with any of these benefits, contact us today to learn more about using a virtual business address with us!


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