Office Space for Growing Law Firms

January 2020

If you're part of a thriving law firm, you know just how important it is to retain current and expand to new clientele. There's always a need for lawyers in a variety of fields, and to bring in new clients and take on more work, expansion is often a lucrative decision.

So how can you test the waters of expansion without plunging head-first into a sizeable financial risk? How can you set up a fully-furnished office in minutes while you build a new firm from the ground up? Join Ballantyne Business Center in one of our private furnished offices or shared office spaces. Let's review some of the many benefits of our work arrangements.

Keep Your Goals Flexible
When it comes time to decide how large or small you want an expansion or first office to be, the ideal, most cost-effective size is ever-changing. As your cases grow or come to completion, your staffing and space needs will change.

That's why a shared space like ours that comes with a flexible 3-month lease keeps your bottom line from suffering. If you need a few months of extra help and space to finish that colossal case, we've got you covered. If you want to make this your permanent residence, that's perfect too.

Staffing and Technology Covered
Communication is the lifeblood of a successful law firm, but it can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming to set up an internet connection and phone service. It can be even more pricy to rent or purchase printers, copiers, and other office equipment.

Ballantyne Business Center provides these services and equipment for you. These immediate cost-savings can mean being able to afford the additional paralegals needed to push through your next assignment in time for a deadline. The savings of 60-70% snowball month-by-month as you save on equipping and staffing.

Professional Amenities and Attitude
When you need to host a potential client, the difference between a successful deal and a flop can be how they perceive your office. Luckily, we're not your standard co-working space.  An impressive, professional, class-A, fully-furnished office with collaborative team rooms, fully-staffed administrative team, large reception area, fully-equipped business center, kitchen, and top-of-the-line meeting space can seal the deal with any prospective client. We know just how important first impressions are--that's why we choose to be a step above the rest.

Networking Opportunities Abound
When it comes to building up a client base or branching out to take on new opportunities, nothing is more important than networking. In a professional shared office space, the possibility to meet entrepreneurs, business investors, or businesses who require legal advice or work is incredibly high. As a result, just branching out into a shared space can increase your workload and profits.

Immediate Move-In
Don't wait months for a long-term lease to clear, new furniture to arrive, and technologies to be installed. At Ballantyne Business Center, you can be operational in days.