Private Office Spaces Now Available in Charlotte

July 2020

The understatement of the century would be that COVID-19 has had a profound effect on how many people conduct business. More and more companies and people are finding that full-sized office facilities are not economically prudent right now. If they want to protect their bottom line, they're going to have to find innovative ways to handle business and work.

As businesses feel the pressure to downsize, they also feel the pressure to avoid any disruption of business. This means they're going to need to find a solution to maintaining a professional presence while not breaking the bank. This also means finding the best way to encourage employee productivity during these challenging times.

Because of the need to practice social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, many employees found themselves suddenly working from home. While many found ways to adapt and even thrive, many other employees found that their focus and productivity suffered. Working at home often consisted of too many distractions.

Other problems with working from home included lack of on-hand tech support and storage space for business paperwork. The lack of privacy made focusing on work challenging, and it's hard to hold a professional Zoom meeting with an important client if your kids are watching TV in the background.

The benefits of renting private office space

There have been a few different attempts to reshape office culture over the past decade. Some have worked better than others. With the challenges businesses now face due to COVID-19, it seems one of the best solutions is looking into renting private office space. Here are five great reasons to consider:


Whether it's just you, or a team of a dozen to a hundred, you can select whatever amount of space you need. No more, no less. As your needs change, so too can the amount of space you rent.

Office essentials

Private offices for rent can come furnished or unfurnished. A furnished office means not having to worry about moving in desks or filing cabinets. They're already there. You would also have access to a full-service business center with copy machines and printers, Wi-Fi, charging stations, and meeting rooms.


You no longer have to worry about sanitizing the bathrooms or keeping the kitchen area clean and stocked. That's handled for you. You would also have a professional business address to have your mail sent to. This is particularly useful when dealing with package delivery as you'd no longer have to be concerned with porch theft or signing for deliveries. We take care of that for you.
We can even provide secure VoIP phones and on-site tech support.


Whether in person or via videoconferencing, privacy can be important when dealing with clients or coworkers. This can be especially important if you're in a field with regulatory compliance requirements such as healthcare or finance.
Private rental offices have doors that can be closed. If you or your employees have been stuck working at home a lot lately, this feature will be warmly welcomed.


Finally, while shuffling down to your temporary home office each morning in your robe and slippers might sound like a luxury, it can be a real productivity killer. If you want to maintain your focus and boost your productivity, you can best do that by getting out of the house and into an office setting--all while wearing actual shoes.

For both businesses and solo entrepreneurs

Businesses experiencing changes in the size of their operation or number of employees can find solutions in private office space rentals in that they can maintain a professional business address, scale their rentals to their needs, and have many of the usual perks of an office environment already in place.

Solo entrepreneurs and freelancers can take advantage of reasonably priced private office space to give their small business a more professional air, have a place to meet with clients and enjoy the same office environment benefits of larger enterprises.
Having clean and functioning office space is about more than just appearances. It's about productivity, morale, and professionalism.

Consider the benefits of private office space rentals. Take a private tour of our business center today and find your next private office space!